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The State of Uttar Pradesh is the highest producer of Sugarcane in the country. Consequently, large segment of State's economy and development is contributed by the Sugarcane farming and Sugar Mills. Thus, Sugarcane Industry plays an important role in the State of Uttar Pradesh and is the main source of income for almost 50 lakh cane farming families of the State. The total worth of Sugarcane based industry in the state is worth Rs.35,000 Crores. This makes it the largest Agro Industry in the State and also in the country. The Cane Development Department of the state caters to more than 35 lakh cane growers and approx. 175 lakh dependents of the farmers and around 10 Lac farm labourers for farm activities. In addition, there are around 75,000 direct employees in the Sugar Mills. By efficient running of 119 Sugar Mills crushed around 1,031.99 lakh tons of sugarcane resulting in 118.22 lakh tons of Sugar production. Keeping in view the important role of Sugarcane Industry in the growth of the State as well as the well- being of the stakeholders associated with the Sugarcane industry; like Cane Farmers, Cane Development Societies and Sugar Mills; the Uttar Pradesh Government has decided to establish College of Sugarcane Science & Technology as constituent college, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel University of Agriculture and Technology, Meerut. The college will offer B. Tech. (Sugarcane Science & Technology) from Academic Year 2023-24.

The College of Sugarcane Science and Technology is a newly established institution dedicated to advancing research, education, and innovation in the field of sugarcane cultivation, production, and utilization. With a vision to become a global center of excellence in sugarcane science, the college aims to contribute to the sustainable development of the sugarcane industry and address emerging challenges in this field.

Academic Programs

The College of Sugarcane Science and Technology offers academic program designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed for a successful career in the sugarcane sector. The programs will provide a strong foundation in sugarcane agronomy, sugarcane breeding, mechanization in sugar industry and processing.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

The college is equipped with modern facilities and infrastructure to support high-quality research, teaching, and practical training. The campus features well-equipped laboratories, advanced research facilities, experimental fields, greenhouses, and a sugarcane processing plant. These facilities provide students and researchers with the necessary resources and tools to conduct cutting-edge research and gain practical experience in sugarcane cultivation and processing techniques.


S.No. Instrument Department Qty
01. High speed centrifuge Chemistry & Biotechnology 01
02. -20°C Freezer Chemistry & Biotechnology 02
03. -80°C Freezer (Vertical) Chemistry & Biotechnology 01
04. Autoclave Chemistry & Biotechnology 02
05. Electronic weighing balance 01 Chemistry & Biotechnology, 01 Basic Sci 02
06. Analytical weighing balance 01 Crop Prod, 01 basic Sci 02
07. Spectophotometer Basic Sci 01
08. Digital water bath 01 Biotech, 01 basic Sci 02
09. Biosafety Cabinet Sugar Tech 01
10. Co2 Incubator Chemistry & Biotechnology 01
11. Hot plate with magnetic stirrer 01 Chemistry & Biotechnology, 01 Basic Sci 02
12. Vortex mixer 02 Chemistry & Biotechnology, 01 Basic Sci, 01 Sugar Tech., 04
13. Micro Centrifuge 01 Chemistry & Biotechnology, 01 Basic Sci 02
14. Ice making Machines 01 Chemistry & Biotechnology 01
15. Incubator Shaker Chemistry & Biotechnology 01
16. Laminar Flow Vertical Chemistry & Biotechnology 01
17. Electrophoresis Systems and Power Packs Chemistry & Biotechnology 01
18. Microscope Trinocular Basic Science 01
19. Microscope (for teaching) Basic Science 05
20. Refrigerator 4°C 01 each Dept except Biotech 04
21. Thermocycler Chemistry & Biotechnology 02
22. Ultrasound Sonicator Chemistry & Biotechnology 01
23. UV Transilluminator Chemistry & Biotechnology 01
24. pH meter 01 Chemistry & Biotechnology, 01 Basic Sci, 01 Crop Prod 03
25. Hot air oven 01 Chemistry & Biotechnology, 01 Basic Sci 02
26. Spectrophotometer Chemistry & Biotechnology 01
27. Growth chamber Chemistry & Biotechnology 01
28. Flame photometer Crop prod 01
29. Microwave oven 01 Chemistry & Biotechnology, 01 Basic Sci 02
30. Online UPS Basic Sci, Chemistry & Biotechnology 02
31. Refractometer Sugar Tech 02
32. Optical bench Basic Sci 02
33. Muffle Furness Sugar Tech 01
34. EC meter 01 Chemistry & Biotechnology, 01 Basic Sci 02
35. Viscometer Sugar Tech 01
36. Tray Drier Sugar Engg. 01
37. Dry bath Chemistry & Biotechnology 01
38. Mili Q Water Purifier Chemistry & Biotechnology 01

Academic Programme (UG/PG with Courses and their Syllabus)

Degree Programmes:

The college is offering following degree programs

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B.Tech. (Sugarcane Science and Technology)

College of Sugarcane Science and Technology

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01. Dr. Bijendra Singh Professor & Dean 09412701340, 09412631295 (M),
02. Shri Varun Kumar Junior Assistant 09457886090 (M) VarunHort