RTI Act 2005


In accordance with the RTI (Regulations of fee and costs) Rule 2005 made by the Govt. of India, it is considered necessary to bring to the notice of all concerned citizens of Republic of India that information in respect of this Institute can be obtained from the PIO of this Institute for which a written application has to be submitted to the PIO, SVP University of Agriculture & Technology, Meerut alongwtih the application fee and costs of copy as given below:

  • Application fee under Section 6(1) Rs. 10.00
  • The cost of copy of documents per page Rs. 2.00
  • However, in case of applications which involve search of documents for a considerable duration and search of voluminous documents or involved substantial amount of man power cost will require payment of costs as determined by PIO, SVP University of Agriculture & Technology, Meerut and intimated to the applicant under section 7(3) of RTI Act.
  • The citizens can also inspect the records on prior appointment made by PIO of the University. For such inspection of records no fee shall be charged for the first hour. A fee Rs.5/¬for each subsequent hour or fraction thereof shall be charged.

The fee may be paid in cash to the Cashier, SVP University of Agriculture & Technology, Meerut against proper receipt or by demand draft or by banker’s cheque or Postal Order payable to the Comptroller of SVP University of Agriculture & Technology, Meerut. The fee in any other form will not be accepted and application accompanied with fee in the form other than cash/demand draft/banker’s cheque drawn not in favors of the Comptroller of SVP University of Agriculture & Technology, Meerut are liable to be rejected.

It is, further, informed that PIO of SVP University of Agriculture & Technology, Meerut will provide information held in the records of the Institute and no clarifications/justifications/remarks shall be offered and therefore, citizens are advised not to seek any clarification/justification/remarks from the PIO under RTI Act.

The applications conforming to the various provisions given under RTI Act and received by PIO, SVP University of Agriculture & Technology, Meerut shall be processed and information and copies of documents within the purview of RTI Act will be provided to the applicant by registered post within 30 days from the date of receipt of application by PIO.

As per section 8 and 9 of RTI Act, the following information shall not be provided to the applicants:

  1. 1. Information having scientific and economic interest of the University.
  2. 2. Information on collaboration with foreign countries.
  3. 3. Information which if revealed may involve contempt of any court of law.
  4. 4. Information which if provided may lead to the breach of privilege of parliament.
  5. 5. Information on commercial activities of the Institute.
  6. 6. Information on trade secrets.
  7. 7. Information on intellectual propriety.
  8. 8. Information available through fiduciary relationships.
  9. 9. Information on personal matters of a third person which may cause unwarranted invasion of privacy. of the individual.
  10. 10. Information on any investigation in progress/pending.
  11. 11. Information received from foreign countries.
  12. 12. Information the disclosures of which would be dangerous to life and physical safety any person.
  13. 13. Cabinet papers.
  14. 14. The information which would involve any infringement of copy right subsisting in a person.

Information officers

Uttar Pradesh Information Commission