Chemistry & Biotechnology


The Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology, comprising Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Agricultural Chemistry, Biochemistry, Tissue Culture, and Chemical Engineering, requires a variety of specialized lab facilities to support research, analysis, and experimentation. Here are the lab facilities for each department within the department:

1. Sugarcane Chemistry Lab:

  • Soil and Water Analysis Facility:
  • Fertilizer and Nutrient Facility:
  • Synthetic Organic Chemistry Facility:
  • Separation and Purification Facility:
  • Spectroscopy Facility:
  • Thermal Analysis Facility:

2. Molecular Biology & Biochemistry Lab:

  • Enzyme Characterization Facility:
  • Biomolecule Analysis Facility:

3. Tissue Culture Lab:

  • Aseptic Culture Facility:
  • Growth Chamber Facility: