Sugar Engineering


The Department of Sugar Engineering, comprising Sugar Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Instrumentation Engineering, requires specialized lab facilities to support research, experimentation, and development in the field of sugar engineering and related disciplines. Here are the lab facilities for each department within the department:

1. Sugar Engineering Lab:

  • Pilot Plant for Sugar Mill Facility:
  • Energy Efficiency Facility:
  • Process Control Facility:

2. Electrical Engineering Lab:

  • Power Distribution Facility:
  • Motor Control Facility:
  • Renewable Sources of Energy Facility:

3. Mechanical Engineering Lab:

  • Machine Design Facility:
  • Fluid Mechanics Facility:
  • Heat Transfer Facility:

4. Electronics & Instrumentation Lab:

  • Sensor and Instrumentation Facility:
  • Process Control and Automation Facility:
  • Data Acquisition and Analysis Facility:

5. Chemical Engineering Lab:

  • Process Design and Optimization Facility:
  • Reaction Engineering Facility: