Fisheries Research & Training Centre

Fisheries Research & Training Centre

About Us

The Fish Demonstration and Research Unit established at S.V.P University of Agriculture and Technology, Meerut, India is working especially in the Inland Fisheries Sector, catering needs of the farmers to train in fish technology, transferring the technologies to fish culturists and entrepreneurs.

The Fish Demonstration and Research Unit has played a great role in the establishment of fish farming in inland sector of the Western U.P. A large number of modern fish farms have been established by the farmers. Integrated fish farming has also been taken up. A number of the fish seed hatcheries have also been constructed in the private sector by farmers. The farm facilities of the unit provide opportunity for conducting fish farming and demonstration of frontline technologies to fish culturists.

The Fish Demonstration and Research Unit is now emphasizing on the development and management of fisheries in the freshwater resources. Special emphasis is being put on the transfer of technology for the culture and hatchery seed production of carp fish species.

Facilities available

The Fish Demonstration and Research Unit has farm facilities for culture as well as demonstration work. It can provide facilities to the corporates for testing of feeds, growth promoters, inducing agents, immune enhancers, aquaculture equipments such as aerators etc. on payment basis. The Fish Demonstration and Research Unit has a circular hatchery also.

Dr. D. V. Singh
Professor & OIC
Mobile:- 09411264592(M)
Phone:- 0121-2888520(O)

Dr. Archana Arya
Associate Professor
Mobile:- 09997404622(M)
Phone:- 0121-2888523(O)