College of Horticulture

Dr. Bijendra Singh

Dean, College of Horticulture
Address: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel University of Agriculture and Technology, Meerut-250110.

Mobile: 09412701340, 09412631295 (M)



Realising the importance and foresightedness of the Uttar Pradesh, Government, the college of horticulture came into existence on 2018-19. The site for college is situated 70 km Delhi and well connected with Meerut Railway station.
The cultivation of horticultural crops especially perishable fruits, European vegetables & Cut flowers in the region has been a very profitable venture not only because the region is a part of National Capital Region (NCR) but also very close to national capital.
Owing to better edapho-climatic conditions, horticulture is recognized as a remunerative enterprise in western Uttar Pradesh since it has high production potential per unit area than most of the agronomical crops. The future of horticulture industry is considerably increasing and taking root in western region of UP.
It is pertinent to mention that there was a proposal of 12 colleges in the original master plan of the university. Out of these, the establishment of college of horticulture was one of the prime mandates of the university. The establishment of college of horticulture would not only be helpful in imparting education in horticulture but would also facilitate initiation of research work on the burning problems of horticulture and boosting up the quality production of major horticultural crops in the region. Such a highly specialized college will impart education and training to the rural and urban youth of different states of country in general and western UP in particular. This will strengthen the efforts to realize the basic objectives of balanced and rapid development of economy of the region. It hardly needs emphasis that without such an educational institution, the development programme in the field of Horticulture cannot be managed adequately.
Considering the significance of horticulture in the region, the Uttar Pradesh Government has approved the establishment of college of horticulture in 2018-19, in the main campus of university. In order to commence the undergraduate programme successfully in Horticulture from the academic year 2019-20 and thereafter Master’s and Ph.D. degree programme in 2020-21, the 03 departments have been started offering the degree programme in Vegetable Science, Fruit Science and Floriculture and Landscape Architecture at both Master’s and Ph.D. level.
I assure that the college will provide best facilities to the whole farming community, students, faculty members, staff and all other stakeholders. College of Horticulture is attributed to usher in a paradigm shift in new technologies and innovations for optimal development in Horticultural Crops in tandem with contemporary requirements.


1. The college of horticulture have the, 04 laboratories for UG students, PG students, Post-Harvest lab, Tissue culture lab in which the students does their practical work and the work related to their thesis
2. College of horticulture also having the Horticultural research center (HRC) in an area of 15 hectare as the field lab, where number of germplasm of fruits, vegetables, floricultural crops, medicinal and aromatic crops have been maintained.
3. College of horticulture has the 04 smart class rooms fully equipped with interactive panel boards where the students the getting the updated information of respective subject.
4. College of horticulture has a seminar hall where important training programmes/ seminar/ conferences, presentation of research work and viva-voce of the students are being conducted.
5. College of horticulture has the sufficient space for protected cultivation which are being utilized for conducting and demonstration and training programs on various horticultural crops.
6. College of horticulture has one common room for students where they can share the knowledge and experiences with each other.

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