Instruction Livestock Farm Complex

Instruction Livestock Farm Complex

Department of Livestock Farm Complex has three units viz., Instructional Livestock Farm Complex-I (Livestock Research Centre), Instructional Livestock Farm Complex-II and Poultry Research & Training Centre (PRTC). The Instructional Livestock Farm Complex-I unit popularly known as Livestock Research Centre (ILFC-I/LRC) is critically monitoring large animal research unit having Murrah buffalo & Sahiwal cattle with a total strength of 185 animals. The Instructional Livestock Farm Complex II (ILFC-II) unit has diversified species of livestock viz., Barberi goat, Muzaffarnagri sheep, Landrace pigs, Marwari horse with total farm strength of 220 animals. The Poultry Research & Training Centre (PRTC) maintains the poultry. The animals and poultry have been kept solely for research purpose and sale of the milk from milch animals, semen from breeding bulls and auction of male calf and culling of animals additionally provide the source of income to the university besides the research benefits. The department also has class room, museum and departmental library for instructing students.

Mandates/ objective of the department:

  • To enhance the quality of teaching through the audio-visual aids and more practical exposure.
  • Conducting the need based research for development of cost effective treatment and control of livestock and poultry diseases
  • Improving the animal health & production through improving the diagnostics, therapeutics and prevention and control of infectious diseases in animals
  • Scientific nutritional management of the livestock to minimize the cost of production and influencing the animal productivity

Infrastructure of the department: The department has three functional units-

  • Instructional Livestock Farm Complex-I /Livestock Research Centre (ILFC-I/LRC)
  • Instructional Livestock Farm Complex-II (ILFC-II)
  • Poultry Research & Training Centre (PRTC)

Course offered with credit hours and course code:


Course No

Course Title

Credit hours

BVSc &AH as per MSVE 2016




  Livestock Farm Practices


Dr. Ashutosh Tripathi
Dr. Ashutosh Tripathi
Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.V.Sc.
Area Of Interest/Specialization: Animal Reproduction, Gynaecology & Obstetrics
Phone No: 9588299027
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Dr. Ram Kumar Singh
Dr. Ram Kumar Singh
Assistant Professor
Qualification: Ph.D
Area Of Interest/Specialization: Animal Nutrition
Phone No: 9454704054
Profile: View Profile
Dr. Arbind Singh
Dr. Arbind Singh
Assistant Professor
Qualification: Ph.D
Area Of Interest/Specialization: Infectious diseases of ruminants
Phone No: 9411495315
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Research activities

a. Student research: The students across the university from various departments are pursuing their research work at Instructional Livestock Farm Complex- I/Livestock Research Centre, Instructional Livestock Farm Complex- II and Poultry Research & Training Centre (PRTC) units.

 b. Other research activities if any:

Department faculties are actively engaged in teaching and students master & doctoral research work in their respective departments.

5. Extension activities:

Department is routinely organizing training for progressive farmers

a. Training organized:

Different farmers oriented entrepreneurship development training in collaboration with departments of university is a routine activity of department.

b. Lecture delivered:

Faculty members are regularly delivering lectures in training programs organized in the college under different scheme. They also deliver lectures in Kisan Mela, Kisan gosthi organized by University and Animal Husbandry department of Uttar Pradesh 

c. Other:

Department is actively engaged in management/ feeding and treatment of livestock

Time table (UG time table):

Sr No

Batch A

Batch B

Batch C

Livestock farm practices

Tuesday (3:00 PM- 5:00PM)

Wednesday (3:00PM- 5:00PM)

Thursday (11:00 AM- 1:00PM)

Thursday (3:00PM :5:00PM)

Friday (11:00AM- 1:00PM)

Monday (3:00PM- 5:00PM)


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